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Common Birch (Betula Pubescens)


Size: 60 – 90cm
Price – €1.20 / tree
The minimum order is 50 plants

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The native birch species Betula pubescens is a tall, deciduous tree that looks very similar to the silver birch in how it stands. This particular tree also exhibits brown bark as opposed to white. It more rigidly chooses damp environments and can tolerate shadier conditions as well when compared with the silver birch which prefers very light conditions. The male flowers exhibit an elongated form that resembles a catkin of sorts and appear at various points during leafing out time as nectar for pollinating insects; seed pods are also present from these blossoms! The leaves are triangular in shape and serrated rather like a maple leaf but has a fine down on young twigs – sort of like the younger generations much like grandma and grandpa rock out in their retirement years!