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Beech Hedging (Fagus Sylvatica)


Green Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) is a hardy hedge and is easy to maintain also. It provides a lush green leaf during the summer months and a rich yellow and orange colour during the autumn and winter months. It is an ideal choice of hedge for around a house especially as it portrays a beautiful array of colours all year round. It is an ideal choice for a border hedge as it provides excellent shelter and screening off.

Size – 60-90cm and 90-120cm

  • Bags of 50 plants
  • Strong bushy plant
  • Hardy & ready to sow
  • Size – 60-90cm and 90-120cm


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How large will my beech hedge grow?

Fagus Sylvatica is a fast-growing hedging plant, achieving around 30-60cm each year and can grow up to 10m in height.

How to grow Beech hedging

You should buy and plant beech during the dormant season, although pot grown beech can be planted at any time of year. It grows well in sun or partial shade and thrives in well-drained soil. It is not suitable for heavy clay or wet soils and we typically recommend cutting back in late summer to maintain a neat shape and help keep its leaves over winter.

Where to grow your hedge

Beech hedging thrives in sun or partial shade. Purple beech thrives best in the sun, whilst yellow-leaved beech thrives better in partial shade as full sun can scorch the foliage.

How to plant

You should aim to purchase beech during the dormant season, from November to March. Bare root plants are widely available at this time and are a cost-effective solution if you’re looking to plant many.

To grow beech as a hedge, space plants out accordingly depending on plant size and how quickly you want to grow a dense hedge. For fast results, plant in a double staggered row 30cm apart.

Plant the bare roots into the cultivated and weed-free ground at the same depth the plant was growing at previously (bare root plants will have a line on them to show you the depth they were planted at previously), firm the soil well and water to settle the soil around the roots.

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60-90cm, 90-120cm